After writing about advocating for your child and giving a voice to a cause, this seems like a very timely post. Last month when the Toxic Tub report came out and on the heels of this report the J&J bubble bath video contest, I was inspired to do something. I didn’t want to throw stones at those using J&J or say they are bad moms (I admit to using the products myself with my son because I didn’t know any better) and that J&J is a bad company but rather stop using the products that aren’t safe and if you really love the companies making the not so safe product then ask for a reformulation.  Send back your unused products, call the customer hot line, send an email or write a letter but do something! Bottom line, the products that were found in the Toxic Tub report can be reformulated to be safer for our children but we as consumers have to demand the companies do this and not just settle for their lame responses. The Green Mom’s Carnival came to fruition after a conference call with several other concerned moms. We wanted to make some noise and be heard and guess what…we’ve been heard we just have to be a little louder! Besides the fact that some bloggers gave me slack for my video and didn’t like the tone of the carnival…I’m proud of what I did and the women that pulled together to give solutions, expose the problem and ask for better products. When Lynn of Organic Mania posted an update on the Toxic Tub report I felt born again to continue to put the pressure on speak up for safer products and I hope you feel the same way. Since the Toxic Tub report was released there has been a new piece of legislation called the Safe Baby Products Act was introduced and with your support this might bill could pass and make our products safer.

The Associated Press  is covering this story so hopefully we can continue to gain more traction and press. According to The Associated Press, just yesterday a letter was delivered to Johnson and Johnson from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics from 50 groups representing over the 1.7 million members asking for a reformulation of the products that were found to be harmful in the toxic tub report. Johnson and Johnson claims to takes the safety of their products seriously but they fully admit that they have no plans to take the 1,4-dioxane, a byproduct of the manufacturing process, and the preservative formaldehyde out of their products because they say they are in trace amounts. Gosh, I didn’t know that there was a safe level of a carcinogen to bath my child in! Why is it that J&J will make the same product without formaldehyde in it for the Japan market but not for the U.S.?

Here is my response to Johnson and Johnson and what I recently wrote to them:

Dear Johnson and Johnson,

As a parent I do not want to give my child a bath with a product that has suspected carcinogens, regardless how trace the amount is. I do not find it acceptable that you tell your consumers you take your product safety seriously but your consumers are telling you that they want a reformulation and the products to be SAFER yet you have no plans for reformulation. That is shameful and makes you look greedy and smug. Promoting your products on the web and with video campaigns while selling a product that has a known carcinogen in it is sad, yet you defend it. If you can make safer products for Japan then you should make a safer product for us in the United States.

Johnson and Johnson please listen to your consumers and make a safer product. Please let us trust you and feel that you value our opinions and concerns and not just with a blanket statement about the FDA. We care about our babies and want to give them a pure and safe bath time. Prove to me you care as well because I am concerned.

What Can You Do as a Consumer?

Tell Congress you want Safer Baby Care Products.

Contact J&J Directly.

Send and email.

Spread the word and tell your friends.

Support the Kids Safe Chemical Act.

Educate Yourself.

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