Niche blogging, it’s interesting because it can box you in. I’m known as @GreenMom because my blog is about going green. This is what I created 5 years ago without thinking that I’d grow into a full fledged business. Yes, I make money and frankly my entire income through my blogging and services – I’ll explain how in a second – but 5 years ago I had a 4 month old, I watched Oprah I heard about Sloan Barnett’s son having asthma and it possibly being linked to household cleaners and I F-R-E-A-K-E-D.

Hence, the blog the theme, the mission and title but then I started working with brands and had PR pitches by the hundred life tilted. I began working with “green” minded brands and PR agencies representing these brands.  Reviews at the beginning and then private ad sales, campaign posts and it slowly or actually quickly evolved beyond just me being a mom caring about “green” cleaners and my daughter’s asthma.

Out of the Box

Month by month, week by week I evolved as a blogger and business owner. Became savvier because I watched, read books and online articles, sat up all night on webinars or taking online-courses to learn skills and refine what I was doing. I wanted to be better and better. I attend conferences. Shucks, I’ve spoken at few and aligned myself with some stellar brands, have some kick ass press and testimonials AND um, now I’m working for the Shaklee Corporation {faint} because remember, it all started 5 years ago watching Roger and Sloan Barnett the owners of the Shaklee Corporation on Oprah! Damn, I can say I’ve met Roger and Sloan more than a few times now but no Oprah.

Still, I’m in a box. OR that is how I feel. I’ve written a children’s book, I pitch conferences all the stinkin’ time to talk about more than “green” blogging and this fabulous oh, so glorious niche that I’m super passionate about but I still feel boxed in. I’ve spoken at Blissdom about the Business of Blogging with non-other than Barbara Jones, Esther Crawford and Kim Moldofsky – shucks I led the damn session but I’m still feeling boxed in as just a “green blogger”.

I’m more than just a green blogger.

I’m more than just a mom.

I’m more than just a wife.

I’m damn business woman!

I consult full-time for a living. I run a successful blog making money from affiliate sales, private ad sales, an advertising network, self-published children’s book sales, eBook sales, private hourly consultation, blog ambassador campaigns, PR campaigns, eBay sales and public speaking.

Putting it All Together

I’m trying to break out of my box, so to speak. I’ve launched SLP Connections as a way to begin re-branding myself but to also put all of my business and social media goodies into one place to share with my blogging community, PR connections and those I consult with or that ask me for assistance. I’m only one person but I’m asked often for advice, to go to lunch so that I can have my brain picked or to offer a suggestion to a friend. Blogging friends I know ask me to connect them to brands and PR and the brands and PR folks I work with ask me to connect them to bloggers. Small business owners wonder how to get started or how to connect with bloggers.

I needed a hub to do all of this for everyone and keep my sanity! Which is the reason for SLP Connections, it’s the bridge that everyone’s been asking me for and finally I’ve build it so please come on over and make some connections and learn.

In fact join today for free and all new members will be entered to win a $100 eBay gift card. All you have to do is become a member by June 31, 2012 and you’re entered to win.  

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What SLP Connections Offers:

  • High quality content related to blogging, social media, marketing and business
  • Quality eBooks and resources for continued knowledge and personal growth
  • Weekly small group sessions with experts in the field
  • 20 WordPress Tutorial Videos
  • Blog and Small Business Directory
  • Online Forum to post questions, jobs, press releases, tips and more
  • Social media services and specialty hybrid conferences for bloggers and small towns
  • Blogger Ambassador Training {coming soon}
  • Weekly emails that feature members, content and offer ongoing tips, advice and tricks to grow your business
  • Connections to high quality partners for web design, Word Press maintenance and technology issues
  • Groups based on geography allowing brands and bloggers to connect based on location
  • Blogger Programs partnering bloggers and brands for larger customizable organized campaigns
  • Webinars, templates, worksheet and free information to grow your business
  • Helpful infographics
  • Reports and case studies
  • Continual RSS feeds for the latest up to date social media news and information
  • Online job postings for hiring and for finding work

Why not? Great tips for free!

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