Over the next two weeks I’m sharing something different with you. Something that is not eco-conscious, natural or green living oriented (besides the occasional sprinkled in product review or must share green news) but has to do with what I’ve learned over the last three years about social media, blogging and what goes on behind the scenes of Green and Clean Mom.

Last year at Blissdom I was on a panel discussing niche blogging and one of the issues with picking one “niche” is you can box yourself in and feel trapped at times. That is me right now. I have so much other stuff I want to write about, so much I want to share about what I’ve learned about being a mom blogger, working with brands, having clients, going to blogging conferences and being immersed in social media. Except where do I share this? How? Will anyone listen?

Funny thing is I get emails daily that ask if I can find time for a conference call, coffee, lunch or to help teach someone something about blogging and social media. Basically can they treat my brain like an all you can eat buffet – have at my intellectual property why don’t you?

Most of the time it is a time suck.

Some of the time it pays off.

I was using 3 Green Angels as an opportunity to share my “other” knowledge and passion but for the next few weeks I’m taking the content that was housed over there and sharing it here. This will give me a chance to work on a special project, devote extra time to family, work and clients.

Enjoy, the next few week are packed with great information! There is so much to mom blogging, the business of blogging, social media and working with brands large and small that I don’t often get to share that I’m tickled “Green” to share it with you so you can have a peak into my world!

Why not? Great tips for free!

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