I love to camp and this last weekend we camped for three nights and four days at the Yogi Bear campground in Indian River. It was a GREAT time but unfortunately a bit dusty and full of yellow jackets due to the lack of rain. We’ve camped there before and the kids love the movie night, Michigan shaped pool, putt-putt and playground. Of course whenever we camp we know that we’ll encounter bugs. It’s just a fact and I’ve come to terms with it but I’m not a fan of being eaten alive or stung. I’ll share the great outdoors with Mr. Mosquito, the picnic eating ants and pesky yellow jackets but leave my blood alone!

You know?

Terminix AllClearn Lantern Review to keep bugs away camping by @greenmomWe often light candles, start a camp fire which helps with the bugs and lather up with the safest bug spray we can find but this last camping trip I was fortunate to try the Terminix AllClear Lantern with/ Naturals which was sent to me for review.  This portable lantern that holds one canister of Naturals, which they say is safe to use around kids, pets and food and is non-toxic, plant based formula.  We set the lantern up, hung in a tree and set it to automatically spray based on a low mosquito setting because the bugs weren’t terrible. The lantern came with one can of spray, batteries and a remote to turn it on off, set up the automatic spray for three different settings and turn the lantern light on. Very handy!

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Did it work?

The question at hand is did the Terminix AllClear Lantern with Naturals spray actually work? The answer is hands down YES! I know it worked because the first night we got to the site late and did not set the lantern up and I have the bug bites to prove it! There were three adults and six children and we were all being bitten but the second evening we set the lantern up and none of us got bitten and we had not bug spray on.

For real, true story!

The lantern automatically sprayed and kept the bugs away, not one mosquito bite when using the Terminix AllClearn Lantern with Naturals. In fact, the yellow jackets seemed to be under control when the lantern was spraying.

Tip: To avoid being sprayed hang the lantern in a location away from where you’ll be sitting. We learned this the hard way!

In a nutshell, we’ll be camping with the Terminix AllClearn Mosquito Mister Lantern from here on out. Seeing that there are no synthetic chemicals I feel better about taking it out into the woods now that I know that it works. Plus the refills are under $8.00 each and available at homedepot.com, target.com, amazon.com, frontgate.com and other retailers – which makes it convenient.

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