Lately I’ve fallen of the “green” wagon. For no good reason other than being lazy and too busy.

I have no real excuse.

Yes, I work like 60 hours, have two children, a Great Dane named Ellie and I’m writing a children’s book. I have to cook, clean and sometimes sleep.

I have no real excuse.

I keep forgetting my reusable bags, we’ve gone through the drive through far more times than I care to admit, I ran out of shampoo and have a brand I cannot admit is in my shower or you might hunt me down AND I keep forgetting to fold the clothes in the dryer and keep restarting it- GASP!

When we get too busy we wander off the path of what we care about, what are focuses should be and what is important to us as individuals.

We over commit ourselves.

We end up letting others down, including the person in the mirror.


Multitasking is something I claim to excel at and wish it could have been a minor or major in college but lately I’m wondering if is good or bad. CNN says it is bad so it has to be right? I sort of agree with the CBS article on it being a little of both but I’m biased!

I can see how doing everything at once, trying to be in five places at the same time can be distracting and exhausting but the reality of it is this…

Multitasking is what allowed me to sleep and still change my children’s diapers in the middle of the night!

Multitasking means working on the computer and listening to the news at the same time – I can filter!

It means scheduling conference calls on my Bluetooth while driving to my next meeting (don’t you dare judge me)!

How else could I go to the bathroom, hold the baby and talk to my best friend?

Come on, hooray for multitasking!


What makes being too busy and multitasking too much and B-A-D is when you cannot even realize you’re doing too much at once. This is when the focus goes right out the door and hence the reusable bags! When you walk out the door with your slippers on and your home phone verses your cell phone it is time to pull back the reins.

How about you? Have you fallen off the “green” wagon before? Are you multitasking too much or over committing?

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