This winter my family went on a week-long Disney Cruise to the Caribbean on the Disney Magic. It was truthfully magical. I grew up watching Disney movies and visiting Disney Land in California when I went to visit my dad. I have fond memories of the tea cup ride and making my dad turn green from the spinning. Of course, I love Cinderella and Snow White and dreamed of living in a castle as a little girl. The Disney Cruise for my family really had everything we were looking for when it came to a fun family vacation for both the children and parents.

As a family we were fortunate, my mother-in-law helped make the trip possible but here is why we will be booking another trip aboard a Disney Cruise and my hot tips for making the most of your Disney Cruise:

Organized! When being dropped off for the cruise we had everything ready to go but it was chaotic at first with the children, bags and tags. The kids were excited and I did not want anything lost. Everyone was helpful and organized our bags, tags and family items with directions for next steps in just seconds. It was nice to see hundreds of people so quickly organized but in a fashionable way. We really felt no stress because of their boarding process being so smooth and organized.  The lines were not long, the forms were quick and each step of the way we were given instructions and kindly spoken to – no rushing or feeling confused.

Helpful. Everyone aboard the Disney Magic was helpful. The helped carry the children’s trays of food, asked if they could get us a drink or point us in the right direction. The waitresses and waiters were wonderful at remembering what the children and adults like to eat and drink. Each crew member seemed to really care about all of our wants and needs.

Hot Tip: Utilize the Disney World Moms Panel before your cruise to get your questions answered! This is a very helpful service!

Entertaining. We were never bored! From adult entertainment at night with Bingo, comedy, dancing and movies to the children having character times, dance parties, face painting, crafts, games and more. We were always busy and loving the ship activities and options both off shore and on board. In fact there were many times that we could not make up our mind what we wanted to do!  The live shows each night were like seeing Broadway musicals and my daughter will forever remember these shows!

Safety and Childcare. We loved the childcare options for the children and how they each had to wear a band with emergency information 24/7. Each child could attend the childcare whenever they want but and call the mobile on-board phones when they needed us.  We would check them in and they had to immediately go wash their hands. They asked to attend the childcare they loved it so much! From character visits, movie nights, slimy experiments, games and crafts – the kids could not get enough of the Disney Magic childcare!  We could not check the children out without a secret password and ID – it made us feel very secure. My children actually cry because they miss the boat and going to the daycare!

Hot Tip:  You cannot use cash on the boat so your daily charges can really rack up. Keep tabs on what you’re charging so there are no surprises on the last day!

Healthy Food Options. For those who wanted to eat fresh salads, lean fish, fresh fruit and juices the options were there. Sure, they had burgers, ice cream, cake, pizza and fried food but there was plenty of healthy options for anyone wanting smarter choices to watch their waist line. This helped me and because of the fresh sliced fruit, green salads and soups I managed to only gain 5 pounds! I should have utilized the ship gym or walked the deck! I did unwind at the spa and that was amazing and highly recommend it!

Hot Tip: Pack small thank you gifts for your crew members. This will save you “extra” tipping money but it will be a personal touch too and really say thank you from the heart.

The cruise was perfect for our family and I’ll never forget getting off the elevator with my five year old and her running into Snow White, her favorite Disney character. Her face was full of surprise, delight and excitement!  I cannot wait to cruise again with Disney!

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