Tonight my children ate hot dogs, fresh sliced pineapple, organic yogurt and steam broccoli for dinner and they declared t the best dinner I’ve made all week. I tried not to take offense to this seeing that I’ve made a mouthwatering roast in the crock-pot, homemade enchiladas and homemade pizza this week. Whatever, they’re happy and yes they ate hot dogs. Applegate farms organic hotdogs which are juicy, big and contain far less fat than most hot dogs. They’re a little more costly but well worth it and their Facebook page has a $1 coupon which helps.

Hot dogs in my home mean ketchup but most ketchup is full of high fructose corn syrup and did you know that ketchup like Heniz is made from tomato concentrate, not vine rip and fresh tomatoes? Really!  And that stinks because my son loves ketchup but giving him healthy food to dip in sugar doesn’t make a ton of sense. In just one tablespoon there can be as much as 4 grams of sugar. Just watch this video of a mother and daughter doing a science experiment and their surprise at the ketchup sugar content.

Image Credit: Sir Kensington’s
Image Credit: Sir Kensington’s

Luckily I’ve discovered Sir Kensington’s Gourmet scooping ketchup which doesn’t contain high fructose corn syrup and there’s only 2 grams of sugar verses 4 grams, which is much better. Mouthwatering ketchup that will make your hot dog, burger or any meat taste like a million dollars! Seriously, I’ve never had a better tasting condiment and if you like ketchup you’ll be sold on this gourmet ketchup. Made with apple cider vinegar, real diced and sliced veggies not powders and you can taste the difference.  Your dinner guests will rave about this ketchup at your next cook-out or gathering, I promise! Get their Facebook deal and you can stock up or give the gift of awsomesauce this holiday season!

Now I know why my hot dog dinner was declared the best dinner all week, it was the Sir Kensington’s ketchup! Wink, wink, my secret weapon!

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