When I returned home from Blissdom 2011 I came home with inspiration to become a better business, blogger and person.  Like many people I did not have a huge to do list, instead I feel as though Blissdom has helped my list shrink. When Scott Stratten from UnMarketing said that it was okay to not post unless I have something worth blogging about I thought to myself – duh! I came to realize that it is okay if I do not read every tweet, reply to each email, accept every trip and if I’m not at the next big social media conference – my world will not end. I have to make my own list of what matters to be happy and successful. I have to work smarter not harder and as a business be diverse but not spread myself thin and not live up to my own expectations. You’ll probably love me more not less!

Speaking of lists, I think the biggest golden nugget from the conference for me was creating an important list of whom in my life matters to me. It is so easy to think of what others think about you and your brand online – which gets messy when you are your brand– however, what do those on “your list” think about you? This is really what matters.  My list is actually very short and now this list is my guide in life. I make decisions based on what I think and how my decisions will impact those on my list and what they think and feel about me because they are the important people in my life. Thanks to Brene Brown for this wisdom and helping me to look inward then outward.

So who is on your list?

Image: nuttakit / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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