My Mom Hugs Trees

I recommended Think Green for preschool teachers and parents to appropriately celebrate and teach children about Earth Day this April but another favorite that we read often is My Mom Hugs Trees. I’m pretty sure my son won’t tell his friends that I hug trees but I love the title and the front cover is so cute. It makes my children and I laugh with it’s silly pictures of a mom hugging a tree and spiders crawling on her back and the ants going up her pants. We all giggle!

This book really emphasizes compassion and love for all things natural, organic and earthy. The mom talks to plants, sing with the birds, respect the animals crossing the road, says hello to the sun and goodnight to the moon. The daughter at first seems embarrassed by her moms silly ways but in the end the daughter asks her mom why she does all these “crazy” things and when the mom explains her love for nature and Mother Earth it has an impact on the little girl.

I love the intertwined themes of nature, love; relationships and uniqueness. The book always leaves me smiling and knowing I have read a book to my children that’s warm and thoughtful while teaching them some great lessons. It is so nice to enjoy this book at bedtime and I hope the children drift to sleep thinking about signing with birds and  maybe their mommy hugging trees.

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