Organic Vegetables

Vegetables are something parents nag their children to eat. I’ve thrown my hands into the air and given up – no more nagging! I won’t do it, I just do not have the energy for it. They veggies are on the plate and we all take one bite and then have this “no thank you” rule where we try the food and then say “no thank you, I don’t like it” and move on. My theory is that one day maybe they will not say no thank you.

If I force them they won’t eat the veggie because it is a power struggle. We all know what this is about – mom tells you to do something or wear something and just to show her you don’t do it so that you can prove to her who is in control. I can’t go there over veggies; it could destroy me at this point.

I made this decision a few months ago with my son. I just decided to give up and see what would happen. It was a miracle or really his childcare setting and the power of peer influence. His childcare setting (which I love, love, love) often provides vegetables and fruits and new foods or old rationale foods presented in a new way for children to try the selections and perhaps realize that they taste good.

Imagine my reaction one day when my son opens the refrigerator and asks for radishes and lettuce dipped in ranch dressing. I could not decide whether I should celebrate with a glass of Champaign, check his temperature or pass out in shock.

I did all three.

Now my son regularly eats fresh raw organic veggies (when possible) dipped in organic ranch dressing (when possible). The sudden change, in my humble opinion a) I stopped forcing the fresh veggies 2) he was introduced to the vegetables in a new environment surrounded by his peers that enjoy the vegetables and thus he tried them and learned they really are good. Notice the picture of his lunch, this is a celebration for me and  I’m dancing right now just reflecting on my struggles and how he is embracing his fresh vegetables!

Another reason why I’m super excited:   EarthBound products have switched to sustainable packaging. Now  I’m buying organic for my family when I’m not at the local organic farm market and the company I’m buying from is choosing to go above and beyond to help the environment.

I think I’ll celebrate one more time!

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