Does your kid tend to loose things at school? Does your kid have allergies? Well Name Bubbles has the solution, Name Bubbles produces labels and bag tags that are printed with non-toxic, eco friendly inks. Name Bubbles labels come in a variety of designs and colors that our waterproof, dishwasher, laundry and microwave safe. You can purchase labels that are fade resistant, durable, and adorable all wrapped into one. They are good for lunch pals, iPods, game systems, school gear, clothing, pencils, water bottles, toys and much much more. I have a label on both of my daughters back packs, re-usable lunch pals, water bottle, nap time gear and asthma medicine.

You can use these labels to keep track of your child’s possessions as well as alert/remind those around them of their allergies. You can personalize your child’s label with their name, medical condition, and/or emergency contact.

These labels are great for personal use, for day care’s pre-school, camps and whatever else you can think of. This is such a great eco-friendly, money saving, adorable invention. No more digging through the lost and found or worst case scenario having to purchase a new lunch pal, sweatshirt, etc. as long as you have Name Bubbles.

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I have had these labels for two weeks now and have washed my daughters lunch container several times as well as her nap time gear with no sign of the labels fading or peeling off. Her school requires that I label her items so when I was given the opportunity to try Name Bubbles I jumped at it and happy that I did. My other option was a permanent marker which is toxic and ugly, this was a much better solution. These labels are adorable, affordable, eco-friendly and durable. I hope everyone tries Name Bubbles and loves them as much as I do.

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