National Geographic Ice Cream Expedition
Photo Credit: Courtesy Jordan Fatke

I have fond memories of chasing the ice cream truck as a kid. I remember hearing the music and dropping whatever I was doing to get a push-up or a bright yellow PAC Man with a bubble gum eye. Tell me you remember those and eat the bubble gum eye first?

Childhood fun and dreams, something I relish but even as we grow up we don’t have to give up on our dreams. We don’t have to stop having fun, laughing and exploring! We can inspire others and spread joy. This is why I am 100% in support of the Ice Cream Expedition. Besides the fact that I loved the ice cream truck growing up, I love that the expedition is about young men living out their dream and inspiring others. It’s what we should all aim to do in life.

When I first watched their video and heard the ice cream truck music and the children running, I was transported back to my childhood. Watch this video and learn more about the expedition but take a trip back in time yourself and feel the inspiration.

The Ice Cream Expedition from jordan david fatke on Vimeo.

National Geographic Kids Ice Cream Expedition
Photo Credit: Courtesy Jordan Fatke The Ice Cream Expedition truck at Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Left to right: Jordan Fatke, Caleb Kruse, Cameron Kruse.
National Geographic Kids Ice Cream Expedition
Photo Credit: National Geographic

Three young men who dreamed of driving an ice cream truck across the U.S. to host Ice Cream Expedition parties. Not just parties serving natural ice cream but sharing their love for being responsible explores and taking care of nature. Inspiring future conservationists and dreamers! Inviting others to join in and take the pledge to protect our planet, one scoop at a time. I love their enthusiasm!

These young men were awarded a National Geographic Young Explorer Grant (Did you know such grants exist?) and launched a Kickstarter campaign (which I personally donated to). The team is working hand in hand with National Geographic Kids, a perfect partnership!

Follow along and learn how you can support making dreams become a reality and the inspiration of future explorers. Maybe they’ll even be stopping near your hometown and you can enjoy some Magnolia ice cream and see first-hand what these explorers are up to!  Be sure to follow them on Instagram and Twitter too!  Each photo I see certainly makes me smile!

Disclaimer: I am a National Geographic Kids Insider but all opinions are my own, I was not compensated for this post…I just love ice cream and protecting nature!

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