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Nobody likes to smell sweaty. The problem is everyone sweats. It’s a normal part of life. I just had to have this conversation with my 5th grade son. Apparently, his teacher (God bless her!) reminded the students to shower and use deodorant regularly.  I can only imagine a classroom of pre-teens and their body odor!

Most young kids, mine included, want to have the smelly deodorant. The deodorant that they believe gives off the odor of confidence and the “I’m so cool” smell.

When looking for deodorant for myself and my son, I’m looking for something without the artificial fragrances. I think we can be cool enough without some fake smell. That’s what I’m telling him and I’m also telling him what matters most is that he doesn’t smell like body odor and make his teacher want to run for the hills or any girl sitting next to him for that matter!

undefinedTom’s of MaineWhich is why, I’m super impressed with Tom’s of Maine and their long lasting natural deodorant because after running my own personal trial, I can say the product works. And it’s clinically proven to work and provide 24-hour odor protection.

Love it. When I’m sweating bullets I’m protected. Phew! And as a parent, there are plenty of days when I’m sweating bullets!!

Something that I personally love about Tom’s of Maine deodorant is that there are no parabens, artificial ingredients, petrochemicals or aluminum.  Tom’s of Maine also does not test on animals and they use no animal ingredients.

I had to share this with my son and so much more about Tom’s of Maine because I wanted him to understand more about the company. I wanted him to understand the importance of choosing a brand like Tom’s of Maine because of what they stand for. He’s a consumer too and when he makes a purchase with his hard earned money, I want him to make good choices. To understand that he votes with his dollar, just like mom and dad do.

This is why I explained to him that the deodorant from Tom’s of Maine is fully recyclable packaging through local municipalities or TerraCycle. He’s visited our local recycling facility and understands fully what this means.

I also wanted him to understand that Tom’s of Maine takes 10% of their profits and gives back to the planet and helping people. Someday he might own a business and I want him to give back to the community and take care of planet. It’s a noble thing to aspire to.

If you’re in the adolescent boat, like I am, Tom’s of Maine offers a great opportunity to teach your children young about high quality personal care products and making buying choices

undefinedfrom brands that care. After all, Tom’s of Maine has been a leading natural personal and oral care brand for 45 years.

You’ll also be spared the nasty smell of body odor from your soon to be teen as he or she learns about personal hygiene. I personally love the wild lavender but for now we’re choosing unscented for my son, he’s not to crazy about smelling like a flower! Tom’s of Maine luckily has many other scents he might like to try in the future.

A few things worth mentioning:

  • If you haven’t used natural personal care products before, it might take a few days for your body to adjust. Your body might need some time to get used to a product that is free of chemicals and artificial ingredients. In all, I say allow for 3-5 for the adjustment. For my son it didn’t take long but he’s not used to using products with chemicals! 
  • This is not an antiperspirant. Therefore, it does not protect against wetness and does not include aluminum as an active ingredient. For activities where my son will be extra active and sweat a lot, we may need to choose an antiperspirant.
  • There are lots of great reviews and tips on their Facebook page and FAQ, ratings and reviews. All worth checking out. 

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