cleaning greenCleaning green, non-toxic and natural is something that I’m pretty passionate about. It happens to be the reason I started this website and have learned so much about non-toxic baby care products, pesticides and all things organic. I have really invested a lot of energy, time and research into learning the ropes and figuring out what is and is not safe. This does not make me an expert but I certainly think it puts me up there as someone that can be used as a resource and is knowledgeable. I also know that non-toxic is an iffy term to use because even things that are natural can be toxic. This makes it hard for us to make decisions as parents but we just have to keep trying.

Overtime I have tried a variety of natural cleaners and some I love and some I’m just not so thrilled about because they did not smell good, clean well or perhaps were not easy to access. I do use vinegar and baking soda often and always tell people to clean green you don’t have to buy green cleaners; you can use some natural and very cheap products to make your own. I still prefer to buy green cleaners for their ease of use and because of the super concentration I do not feel they are more expensive.

Just recently I have been introduced to a company called ecostore USA and what has gotten me totally pumped about this company is that they are based here in Michigan and they are totally devoted to helping the economy in the U.S. and supporting mommy bloggers. I love this and if you watch the clip below you can hear just how much they love us mom bloggers and respect us. Thank you ecostore USA.
Naturally, I would not be raving about this company if they had crappy products or not so eco-friendly packaging. The ecostore products are superb and I’m really enjoying the naturally anti-bacterial all purpose spray for the kitchen and loving the smell-oh and they have a refill super cool! My clothing looks and smells clean because of the laundry soap and let me just tell you the lemon cream for my stainless steel sink is kicking some major butt! Don’t worry ALL of their ingredients are listed because they aren’t keeping secrets from you. Exciting news is that the company has an exclusive deal with Meijer stores in the Midwest and you can buy their cleaning products while you are grocery shopping. Sweet because a Meijer is being built in my town and every time I visit a local town I head to their Meijer store. I have gotten word that some of the products are in all 50 stores but my answer to this is – ask the manager and tell them you want the products. Consumer demand is crucial.

When I love a company, I support them however I can and one way I’m supporting them is following them on Twitter and becoming a Facebook Fan to show my support. I also learn about deals and incentives or special news and that is a plus.  Please remember, this is just my opinion and I personally find the products safe to use on my children and feel good about the ingredients and claims the company makes but I highly suggest you do your own reserach.

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