We have a wasp and hornet problem. We’ve had a wasp and hornet problem forever and for the last three years I’ve fought having to have the pest control company come and assist us with their toxic pesticides. I’m a firm believer in being as pesticide free as possible and often reference and utilize Beyond Pesticides. Recently, I’ve given glass wasp traps a try and I’ve had a ton of success with the two I have. They have not solved my wasp problem naturally, by any means but they are, however, helpful and worth the investment.

When I first purchased my glass wasp traps I was skeptical and did not even believe it would work or how it would work. I sent out some tweets and before I knew it my directions had arrived! I used fresh pineapple juice mixed with water and apple juice. As you can see it worked fabulously and in one week I had trapped naturally at least 100 wasps, bees and other bugs in each trap! The second go around; I tried just apple juice and for some reason I have not been as successful.

What tips do you have for naturally saying good-bye to wasps and hornets?

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