Over the years I’ve come to meet some very inspiring, educated and determined women. Donielle Baker, she is one of these women and I’ve watched her blog grow, her audience and community blossom and now I’m truly excited to announce to the world she is the author of, Naturally Knocked Up. A book dedicated to helping women understand natural fertility. Quoted directly from page 13 of her book, natural fertility is:

An active approach to fertility that does not involve medical intervention, but instead take a different course of action through commitment to dietary and lifestyle changes.

Leaving the control of our fertility in the Lord’s hands yet doing all we can within our own power to create an environment within our bodies that is hospitable to new life.

As someone who struggles with infertility and has experienced the emotional roller coaster, the sadness, frustration and then joy of Silhouette of pregnant woman in flowerspregnancy – I can relate to this approach and respect it very much. I think we often times do not take care of our bodies and then wonder why we cannot become pregnant. I was in this predicament as someone very overweight while using medical intervention to become pregnant, I have hypothalamic-amenorrhea. Unfortunately too many couples suffer from infertility and I’m sure you can count many, many personal friends and family finding them in this infertility boat.

I certainly wish I would have had a book like Naturally Knocked Up years ago. Perhaps I might not have been able to avoid medical intervention to help me conceive but I could have better understood the importance of taking care of myself and chemicals in our foods, our cleaners, our homes and how this impacts our health. Even though I did not do a detoxification, when I started taking care of myself by eating better and exercising and became a healthy weight the fertility treatment worked immediately. Coincidence, perhaps but I truly believe in the recommendations Donielle gives throughout her book, Naturally Knocked Up.
Three of my favorite things about the book include:

  1. Great tips on herbs that help support cleansing and what the herbs can do for you and which foods to avoid while trying to become healthy and conceive, very useful information!
  2. A full chapter on super foods and how you can change your diet by making healthy choices to consume vitamins needed for fertility, such as Vitamin A, D, E and K2.
  3. Chapter 10 provides an entire list of alternative therapies for infertility and explains what holistic medicine is, the connection of alternative health care and the Bible and the differences between the different alternative therapies.

The entire book is full of great information, resources and common sense explanation that help to guide you to living healthier to improve your fertility. Of course, there is no guarantee that you’ll become pregnant but you’ll be doing everything you can and in the end you’ll be much, much healthier for it. I truly wish I had this resource years ago when I was trying. If you’re someone that is thinking of becoming pregnant, you’re interested in trying or you’re frustrated with not conceiving I highly recommend reading Naturally Knocked Up. You’ll feel empowered to keep trying and you’ll better understand alternative options and how very important the right nutrients can be to your fertility.

Good luck to anyone struggling with infertility, I relate to your struggle and hope this book will be useful and educational. Even though I’m not trying to conceive, I found the Naturally Knocked taught me even more than I already knew about herbs, Vitamins, fertility and infertility.

And this week only, when you purchase this book in paperback (available on Amazon or Vintage Remedies) you’ll receive over $35.00 in free ebooks!

These amazing downloads will help you learn even more about the benefits of natural living and give you the tools you need to make these changes.

Here are the freebies you can download:

Printable Recipe Pages

All the recipes you’ll find in the book, PLUS printouts of the recipes that got cut from the original manuscript because it was getting to long! These extra pages include plenty of fabulous how-to’s and incredible recipes from some of my favorite “real food” and natural living friends.

Menu Plans

I’ll be putting together a couple of menu plans to give you an idea of what your “fertility diet” could look like as well as a sample whole foods cleanse menu.

Fertility Foods Checklist

This basic nutritional recommendation list is a great way to start making sure you get in all the nutrients your body needs. Just put it up on the fridge and mark it off as you go through the week.

Herbal Nurturing ebook by Michele Augur of www.FrugalGranola.com

As a “friend along the journey,” this 44-page book walks you through preparing basic herbal remedies for you and your family, from childbirth to arthritis, and everything in between!

Naturally prepare for cold/flu season, PMS, headaches, sunburns, postpartum, tummy aches, rashes, and more with over 30 recipes, additional homeopathic suggestions, and healthy-living tips.

$8.95 value!

Michele is also the author of A Natural Noel and Flourishing Spring.


Week-by-Week Guide to Your Pregnancy ebook by Angela England of http://untrainedhousewife.com

What changes should a woman expect during her pregnancy? How does the baby grow each week? This pregnancy development ebook will answer all those questions, and more. Not only does A Weekly Guide to Pregnancy cover each week’s changes for both mother and baby, but the book also includes some bonus material including morning sickness, easing back pain, and other pregnancy complaints.

Over 60 pages of week-by-week information at your fingertips.

A value of $4.97!

Angela is also the author of Backyard Farming and 30 Days to Make, Market, and Sell a Fabulous Ebook.

Beyond Grain & Dairy, and ebook by Starlene Stewart of GAPS Diet Journey

When you’ve been told you can no longer eat gluten, grains and dairy, it might seem there is nothing left to eat. Beyond Grain & Dairy is a recipe book with 113 delicious recipes made with real food which will show you that there is plenty of delicious food. There is no need to feel deprived, move Beyond Grain & Dairy and you may feel better than you have in your whole life.

A value of $17.00!

In addition to Beyond Grain and Dairy, Starlene is also the author of Making Baked Goods Using Coconut Flour.


The Kitchen Herbal by Jessie Hawkins (digital addition) of Vintage Remedies

Herbs and spices have been used medicinally since antiquity, but not in the capsules and preparations we use today. Traditionally, the line between food and medicine was blurred, as many functional foods served as medicine, and many medicinal herbals were taken with food. This leads to an explosion in flavor possibilities that will please the palate while boosting wellness.

In this book, Jessie Hawkins explores eighteen traditional culinary herbs. You will learn how to cultivate them, harvest and store them, and how to add them to your table. She covers the nutritional and medicinal use of each herb, then provides recipes and tips on pairing flavors for maximum taste. This delightful book combines food, health and wellness in a fun and enjoyable culinary experience.

A value of $4.95!

Jessie Hawkins is also the author of Handbook of Vintage Remedies and Guide to Bread: Unlocking the Mysteries of Grains, Gluten and Yeast.

Sugar Detox Challenge ebook

Addicted to sugar? Or maybe you’re just looking for ways to reduce the amount you regularly eat. This ebook will walk you through 8 weeks of cutting out sugar from your diet.

Whether you’re just starting on your journey to ‘real’ and natural foods, or you’ve been on this road for some time and just need a bit of encouragement, this ebook is for you!

Is Your Flour Wet? ebook

how to make soaked breads

A multiple blogger project I’m involved in, put together by Katie of Kitchen Stewardship. Your guide to soaked, sprouted, and fermented baked goods with plenty of recipes. You’ll learn the reasons behind why you’d want to prepare your grains this way and also gain tutorials on how to do it properly. The recipes have been contributed by other bloggers who have worked to make sure they’re both tasty and nutritious.


What Is Thyroid Detox and Why You Need It To Feel Like Yourself Again ebook by Magdalena Wszelaki, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Josie Lincoln, UK Naturopathic Nutrition Advisor

How to enjoy a healthy weight, happiness,enthusiasm and get lots of energy despite your thyroid condition. Learn about some of the toxins that could be causing problems with your thyroid.


To get access to these A.MAZE.ING freebies worth over $35.00, just email me at assistant AT naturallyknockedup.com (replace the AT with the @ symbol) with either your e-receipt forwarded from Amazon or Vintage Remedies showing you purchased this book in paperback OR a photo of the book in your possession. As an added bonus, this offer also applies to everyone who has previously ordered a paperback copy of the book!



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