What we put on our bodies is quickly absorbed into our blood stream which makes it important that we choose our products wisely. Now that I’m a mother it’s even more important to me what I put on my daughters body. I have tested several green/natural products on both myself and my daughter and have enjoyed all of them. I never get sick of testing new healthy options for our family so when I was given the opportunity to review Natural Balance Wellness, a worry-free skin care line, I couldn’t turn it down.

It seems that a lot of the products I have tested have been developed by parents who wanted a better life and world for their children; which is inspiring. Natural Balance Wellness was born out of the same love and desire. NBW was developed by a single mother who wanted to use only the purest ingredients on her baby. What started as maternal instinct for one mother quickly turned into a dream to create a business with potential to impact the environment in a positive way, while allowing her time to raise her daughter. In the past 10 years the company has grown and transitioned into a supplier, supplying spas and health food stores across Canada with pure, worry-free skin care.

NBW has 4 lines: baby, facial organics, body-care (lotion, butter, scrub, wash, bar soap, healing balms) and outdoor products (natural bug-spray and sunscreen). NBW’s guarantee to their customer is that their products are Paraben, Sulfate, Petroleum, and GMO Free products that are safe and healthy for you and your family, and leave a minimal footprint. Nature Balance Wellness has a great resource page that explains chemicals, GMO’s the ingredient that they use, and fair trade practices.

Because my daughter suffers from severe allergies and eczema I opted to review their Marigold Magic Botanical Body Butter, which is their most popular healing product. The Marigold Body Butter acts as a natural alternative to hydro-cortisone and is suppose to help with the irritating symptoms of minor-major eczema as well as help sooth and smooth dry cracked and irritated skin. While they don’t claim to cure eczema they do offer a pure and healthy alternative to help alleviate the symptoms. The body butter smells great, doesn’t sting the irritated area, leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth and does help alleviate some of the itching. Just like my daughter I have sensitive, dry skin with patches of minor eczema and have been using the product myself and it’s working great.

I get to have good smelling, healthy smooth skin this winter season because of NBW and you can too!





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