I’m off to Charlotte, North Carolina and I’m very excited. I am always excited to head to a social media conference, even though my husband has no clue why or what it is that I do while attending one. Yeah, yeah, we have cocktails sometimes and we chat, giggle and talk small talk but really this is what happens:

Network – meet each other in real life, some we’ve met online and others that we have not

Learn – you know use the noodle and gain new tricks, ideas, tips and expert advice

Connect – with brands, PR and important people that someday we might work with

There is always, always, always a return on investment when attending a conference. I’ve been connected to new paid opportunities, brand sponsorships, consulting gigs, blogger partnerships, blogger friendships, guest writing opportunities and more!


I often speak at conferences and I love to do this for professional advancement but also to share with my fellow blogging friends what I know to help them grow and prosper. This conference I’ll be hosting a green tribe discussion with Dagmar Bleasdale and we’ll be talking niche blogging with a green twist.  I cannot wait to hang out with fellow greenies!

Getting my Cinch® On!

Besides hanging with Dagmar on Saturday I’ll be able to meet some of the 50 most inspirational women bloggers I know.  I cannot wait to share the photos with you but see the live action over on Twitter, I’ll be sure to post #Cinchspiration photos throughout the weekend.

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