The funniest thing happened on my way to BlogHer, my sister asked if I brought my workout clothing. I could have died laughing because not only do I not have workout clothes I don’t even own a pair of tennis shoes; until now! Then again at BlogHer, Lyne from ecostore USA asked if I was going to work out and I again, said I don’t own tennis shoes. I hate working out! I have a pair of Keens for hiking and playing outside with the kids but work out shoes? For real?

Well, now I have a pair of tennis shoes from New Balance, eco friendly ones at that. I arrive home from BlogHer and happily found an adorable pair of green eco friendly New Balance tennis shoes, called the New Balance 070.  Clearly a sign telling me that I should start working out and get off my duff. Which is exactly what I have been doing because while packing for BlogHer and reflecting on photos from BlogHer I have come to realize that the pounds have packed on. Actually, I knew that the scale was creeping upwards but I was in denial.

My new green New Balance shoes are made from 75% eco-friendly preferred materials, including my laces, tongue and webbing. Using recycled polyester and constructing the shoe from synthetics that have fewer solvents than the traditional shoe makes the shoe greener. The company even used rice husk filler for the outer part of the sole to reduce the use of rubber. Besides being very comfortable and airy I feel better knowing that my shoe used less petroleum products, water-based adhesives and when they arrived the packing there wasn’t a ton of wasted paper stuffed into the shoe or the shoe box – a pleasant surprise.  See the full press release here.

Besides looking very “green” and sleek the shoe is very comfortable.
I’ve had many people ask me the brand and where I have gotten this great looking shoe! The plus is that it’s eco-friendly and yes, I’m actually walking and working out now because the shoe has inspired me (or made me feel guilty)!

The line of eco-friendly shoes from New Balance run $79.99 and they offer free shipping online. Check out the other great reviews from Ecorazzi and Groovy Green!

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