I dreamed that someone would come into my house to see if I had organic food in my cupboards and find my husbands Little Debbie’s! I had a dream that there were pictures of my less than perfect make-up drawer and my cotton sheets that are not organic cotton. I even wondered if I would be judged while at BlogHer for not having eco-friendly shoes on or I would be asked if my hair was naturally blond and or how do I use hair dye and color that is non-toxic.

My husband thought it was time to part ways with Green and Clean Mom after all of these sleepless nights and dreams.

I decided to make amends with the fact that I am my worst critic.

Having Green and Clean Mom has taught me how to push myself to new levels, try new things and seek answers. I have suggestions and solutions for individuals with questions but that doesn’t mean I do everything I write about or use every product I review on a weekly or daily basis. That wouldn’t even be realistic! It’s similar to expecting a celebrity to walk out of their door every day airbrushed, complexion perfect, hair styled and looking flawless – it just isn’t fair.

I planned to discuss this on the panel at BlogHer but it really never came up. The point being that we have to stop being so hard on ourselves when it comes to “going green” and choosing eco-friendly products. This doesn’t imply to not try or accept green-washing but rather to have priorities for you and your family. If eating organic is the priority then focus on this before adding another thing to your eco-friendly plate. If it’s non-toxic through and through then let that be what drives you for your purchases and your choices but don’t go over board trying to do it all at once or thinking you have to. Be human.

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