Almost three years ago I felt as though I had no place where I fit in to talk about non-toxic cleaners, my worry and concern over pesticides and foods. I felt as though there was no middle and I had to be what some call a “deep” shade of green or nothing at all. Those that represent the so called, “green police” are the ones that make me feel isolated or judged and make me feel imprisoned by their beliefs. The fact of the matter is, most of us are light green and striving to do something, which is why I love the Social Studies Group’s new report for green marketing.  The Green Police video shown during the Super Bowl is very humorous (excellent marketing) and so true on many levels (sort of sad) but the fact of the matter is this: There are NO green police here!

Why I started Blogging

*To create a place where I fit in.

*To create a place where there can be all shades of green.

*I started blogging to create my own place to “fit in”.

*To belong and share my journey and struggles to go green.

*To seek inspiration and motivation from others (Green and Clean Mom Community)

I Could Not Have Imagined

*That hitting publish for the first time would turn into a business, adventure and passion.

*I was capable of giving up paper towels!

*I would ban fluorescent colored cleaners from my home.

*Some of my closest friends are friends I’ve met because I hit publish!

Why I Continue to Blog

*I believe that it connects me to others I would or could have never met.

*I know I’m helping others to make changes – even tiny ones!

*I love growing, learning and sharing with you.

If you blog, why did you start and continue? What challenges do you face on this green journey?

What do you have to lose?

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