When you think eBay you think shipping. When you think shipping you think packaging, money out the window and your time spent at the post office.

I get it.

I’ve made some shipping mistakes with eBay over the years. Instead of calling it quits and never selling on eBay again, I’ve gotten smarter and taken my mistakes and tried to learn from them. Which means now I’m profiting and shipping isn’t a hassle anymore.

Boxes. Lines. Bye-Bye Money.

With the United States Postal Service  (USPS) these words come to my mind. I envision standing in line for hours, trying to find the right size box and spending a fortune on the box and then handing over my first born child to the teller – all to sell some shoes.

Not anymore. Not if you’re doing it right and I’m here to tell you the USPS can be your friend if you sell on eBay and here is how…

1.  Order free boxes. Yes,free boxes for priority mail, “if it fits it ships” boxes! All sizes and envelopes. Many items you ship can easily fit into the small envelopes ($4.95 for shipping) or medium boxes ($10.95 for shipping).
2.  Calculate. The shipping amounts vary from $14.95 for the large box to $4.95 for the small envelopes. Figure out what box or envelope your item(s) will fit in, calculate the cost of your shipping and either add this into your eBay item asking amount and offer “free shipping” or lower your cost and charge for shipping. Either way, it is easy if you know the size of the box and envelope and the cost.
3.  Print and Schedule. Print your eBay shipping label right from eBay and the tracking number is instantly given to the customer.  Head to USPS and schedule a pick up and avoid the long lines, trip to the Post Office and wasted gas. Simple.

These three steps have saved me time, headaches and money. Shipping with eBay is not a hassle once you figure it out. I buy my shipping tape in bulk, reuse packaging supplies from orders sent to my house or newspaper and the cost becomes minimal.

eBay Success

I’m not a storefront, I’m just an ordinary person cleaning my house and listing items on eBay for extra money. I’ve listed a number of  items in the last few days but thus far my summary shoes that I have 2 items listed and 2 items sold for a profit of $45.53. I’ve had the packages picked up at my home. I’ve included the shipping in the items sold or charged for shipping and packaging supplies have cost me zero dollars!

What do you have to sell on eBay?

Disclaimer: I am an eBay parent panel member and this post is sponsored. My opinions and thoughts are my own.

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