There’s this little company (growing quickly) all the way over in New Zealand  that’s creating itch free, 100% pure, soft and warm outdoor clothing using New Zealand’s merino sheep’s wool. Have you heard of a merino sheep before? Me either but when I received a free sample for my daughter  of the Kids BodyFit™  made of 100% pure merino I wanted to learn more about this animal and the company. Wool is something I’m used to living in northern Michigan because it gets cold here and snows way too much so I have wool socks, wool jackets, wool sweaters and blankets but most wool is itchy – warm but itchy! Now the Icebreaker™ wool from New Zealand and that has me excited!

Did I mention that most wool stinks a little too, it just has this odor that you get used to and it’s one thing that I do not get when my daughter wears her BodyFit™ is that stinky odor. I also don’t get the yelling and screaming because of the itching and that’s nice.

Okay, so back to these sheep and this concept of natural, warm, soft and no stinky wool that my kids will actually wear. Well, these merino sheep are all from the mountains of New Zealand and the wool is produced with IceBreaker™ technology. The company works with only the best wool farmers, over 30 of them currently. You can learn more about how all merino wool is not created equal, see pictures of the farms and read a compelling story about the high standards and ethics the company has. The sheep all graze and roam free range with extra time for grazing. According to the company’s website:

We have developed deep relationships with these farmers, who are required to meet five basic animal welfare requirements:

• freedom from thirst and hunger
• provision of appropriate comfort and shelter
• prevention of (or rapid diagnosis and 
   treatment of) injury, disease or parasite
• freedom from distress
• the ability to display normal patterns of

All our merino fibre is sourced from sheep that have not been mulesed, this includes the traditional surgical method and the clips method. Mulesing removes strips of skin around the tail to prevent flystrike.

The farmers who supply our merino are also required to meet minimum standards of care of sheep dogs.

A transparent supply chain is a core part of Icebreaker’s philosophy. You can be sure those high country sheep enjoyed growing the merino as much as you enjoy wearing it.

After doing the research and knowing that wool is something many people use because of its warmth and natural fibers (clothing, dolls, bedding, etc.) I wanted to be sure that I actually liked the product and company enough to share all of this information with you. I have to say after all of my reading, feeling the soft wool shirt my daughter wears that is from the merino sheep, I am impressed. Thanks, Jeremy for ditching that American girl friend and having the tenacity and enthusiasm to grow such a great company with great products!

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