I try to keep up with the news and what and read the paper, listen to NPR on the radio or skim the local newspaper. Most of what I read is from other bloggers who just tell it like it is. I was recently reading a post from, Tiffany over at Nature Moms Blog, about Clorox Green Works (which I posted my feelings on) and she mentioned a recent comment from the General Motor Executive, saying global warming was a “crock of sh**!” What???? I somehow missed that news bulletin back in February.

So I did some digging and didn’t have to go far. I won’t call names but I’m thinking them. This Mr. Bob Lutz is even defending his opinion and saying that those that care about the Earth should be caring about what GM is doing to support the cause and not what he is blabbing his mouth about. JAW HIT FLOOR. I wonder how his stock holders are feeling right now? I have a GM and let me go on the record and say that I will not buy another GM vehicle. Isn’t is true that most women make the decision for buying a family vehicle? Hmmm? Well, I hope that others feel the same way. Which is too bad because good people work for this company and need the jobs right now but maybe the board and his stock holders should think about this. If this company is going to have a executive that feels this way (and has to share it to the public) but make hybrid cars it is clear they are doing so just to make money and be competitive and not because they care about the Earth. It’s the same way that I feel about Green Works and can’t suport the company. What are your thoughts?

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