As an online 3rd grade teacher I don’t have snow days! Nope. Our school is in session 24/7 because everything is online (not that kids go to school 24/7 but the school dashboard is open). We do, however, have technical issues every so often. When this happens it is common to become frustrated and wonder if the computer hates me. Computers do not have feelings so I don’t take it personally but yes I get frustrated and so do my students and parents. We become so accustom to having everything work at the click of a mouse that when it doesn’t we’re not sure where to turn.

Here is what I’ve shared with my students and parents because even though our curriculum is online through our own school dashboard and software there are other sites they can access and things they can do when our site is down or under construction. And yes, these activities count towards their attendance and school day activities!

When your online school goes offline here are some ways to keep learning! #k12 #teaching #education

  • My students have to select a novel to read and when technology isn’t working in their favor I say snuggle up and grab a book or better yet go to the library and pick a few books! Even if my own kids have a snow day I suggest this!
  • Our school uses Study Island and Brainpop and I think these are great educational sites that I often have my students use to help them practice a skill. I like how I can see what areas of study my students are struggling with when they use Study Island.
  • Practice multiplication and like I shared yesterday there are some great sites for free flash cards and online games.
  • Take a virtual field trip! Maybe it is not possible to go somewhere and visit a zoo in person but there are a lot of fun things my students can do. Here are some of my favorite virtual field trip recommendations:

Take a vTake a virtual field trip! #k12 #education #teaching

Learn about the animals of North America

Explore Glacier National Park:

Visit the Zoo:

Learn about how glass is made

  • My students also have weekly spelling words and our team of 3rd grade teachers have spelling lists uploaded to a class site for our kids to practice on using Spelling City. A great site for spelling practice for all ages!
  • All 3rd graders should know how to write a letter and the parts of the letter. I have my students practice their letter writing skills online at ABCYA.
  • PBS Kids offers some great resources for learning about science and I especially love their games that teach kids about outer space or what happens when we don’t recycle.

Even if our online school is under construction or having technical issues (which is not very often) there are lots of ways my students can still learn and have a constructive and educational filled day. K12 even offers a variety of k-8 applications that help my students practice counting money, reading books and so much more.

No need to let a few technical glitches ruin your day! As an online 3rd grade teacher I have plenty of suggestions to help you turn that frown upside down and keep you learning!

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