When you have children, your world changes – nobody can really refute this. What nobody tells you is how your home and every room in your home will be taken over by baby supplies, toys, teethers, pacifiers and how your once stylish kitchen and living room turns into baby land! The décor changes drastically and you worry about every frame, corner, table top edge and item now becoming a hazard to your child’s well being.

Suddenly cabinets are locked, pillows block the edges of fire places, tables and large items are moved to block plug outlets. Baby safety items are a popular gift at most baby showers and some work well and most are just ugly and end up being recycled or unfortunately trashed because they’re not effective.

Along comes Rhoost but unfortunately for me a wee too late! I endured the ugly corner protectors, bright white cabinet locks and rearranged furniture that turned my once stylish home into a child care center! Now parents do not have to sacrifice the beauty of their home or compromise on safety one ounce because Rhoost offers stylish and effective baby safety products! If parents decided on Rhoost they would save money from trying a dozen other products on the market and would be able to reuse and share with friends when they were done because they know they work! It is so easy to share and reuse something when you know it works and is of quality.

I’ve tried out the corner/edge protectors and the dark plum color blends in beautifully with our wood work andfireplace stone, in comparison to the bright white or ugly brown we’ve tried in the past! I’ve even given out a sample I received from Rhoost at the Green Soiree to a friend who has a baby and they love the color and how it blends in with their décor verses sticks out like a sore thumb! Best of all they work and can keep baby safe! Oh and green, yup Rhoost is green because guess what the corner protectors I tried are BPA free, PVC free, lead free, phthalate-free and recyclable!

Check out this video on just how easily the Rhoost corner protectors work:

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