Green Cleaning with Nordic Microfibers

I love my Nordic Microfiber cloths. I was a skeptic at first, when they sent me a sample package to review.  I have a drawer full of cleaning clothes that promise to do the trick and some are rip off microfibers. Now, I’m sold.

I started off with just one cloth, just to test it out. My house accumulates a lot of dust and I could never find a good duster. I typically just use a washcloth or a paper towel and spray a combination of vinegar/soap to wet the surface. This technique works but seems to smear the dust around more than it does remove it. So I decided to use the Nordic multi-purpose cloth dry, no liquid. The cloth removes dust and dirt from static electricity. I was amazed at what I saw. The dust lifted right off the surface.

I’m a believer now.

I wanted to test my windows after success with dusting. With dog slobber, nose prints and the kid’s finger prints, I wondered how the Nordic Microfiber glass cloth would work. The directions said to just dampen the rag. No vinegar. No cleaning ingredients. Just dampen the cloth.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, the windows came clean. No streaks either. If you see streaks, you might have used too much water. And to avoid using the dirty part of the rag to clean, just fold the cloth and wipe with each unfolded part. It’s easy that way.

Nordic Microfibers by Ultra Microfibers – Review

The glass cloth is also wonderful for shining surfaces. After washing your car or in my case, boat, the glass cloth shines the surface just beautifully. The Nordic Microfiber glass cloth is also great for removing finger prints off electronics, television screens and shining the chrome on golf clubs or jewelry.  Very multi-purpose! We now have them stored in the boat for soaking up water and shining the boat after we take it out. I’ll have to buy a new set just for my house now!

The upside to cleaning my house with the Nordic Microfibers… no more vinegar smell! I can clean with just water or dust with a dry multi-purpose Nordic cloth. In fact, people complement our wooden floors, saying they look brand new. They’re far from new and they’re so shiny with just some hot water and the Nordic Multi-purpose cloth.

I love my Nordic microfibers because I don’t’ have to use heavy chemicals to get a clean and shiny house and I don’t’ have to store or use a bunch of unnecessary bulky products that don’t work (dusters, buckets, bulky mops, etc).

Bonus:  Nordic Microfibers are meant to be washed over 500 times and are guaranteed for 3 years!

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