photo credit: Wendy Piersall

Live Coverage from the North American International Auto Show. Flew into the Motor City where the roads were covered with snow.

Observation: The Detroit Metro area doesn’t know how to plow the roads.

I have never been to such a large show and getting my press pass was pretty special. Me and my little Flip and Kodak camera fighting the crowd of “journalists” with their big time cameras, feeling small time but oh, well.

Observation:  I had a light bag and they had a heavy bag. He! He!

I headed right to the press conference for the Ford Motor Company (sponsoring my trip) and it was a zoo! I quickly learned manners were out the door and elbows in! Geesh. I had read in the Detroit Free Press that the show would be less of a show because of the economy.

Observation: Oh, no it was high class, pizazz, music, models, and super hot and sexy cars. Wow!

The Ford Motor Company press conference really was amazing. The energy and excitement was contagious. The feel was very green.  Seriously. The presentation on technology, hybrids, electric cars and the future of Ford – oozing sustainability, oozing.  The entire North American International Auto Show is going green. Most companies are weaving it into the show, future designs and exploring the hybrid and electric car technology.

photo credit: Wendy Piersall

Observation:  The Ford Taurus is hot and with the new EcoBoost engine – fan me off. Sizzling.

What the heck is this EcoBoost engine anyhow? I could talk like Sarah Palin and just make it simple for “Joe Six Pack” and describe it like this:  more fuel economy and no compromises. Help the environment and save money. View my Flikr stream for some great pictures from the auto show including the Ford EcoBoost and for the technical description of the engine and just how green the EcoBoost engine is visit this official press release from the Ford Motor Company.

Observation: People were swarming over EcoBoost and Ford because of practicality. I was all over the show, blisters to prove it and trust me the reality is not with the tiny vehicles that fit half a person or maybe my dog Rex!

Ecoboost Adds More Versatility to Flex
photo credit: Ford Motor Company

My day quickly turned to blogging, tweeting, taking pictures and then on to the interview with Sue Cischke but I’m going to save those details and the great interview for later. I will say, visit the BlogHer interview and get a great feel for where the company is headed as a whole. We talked at great lengths about Ford’s recycling efforts and how they are already using alternative energy!

I hung out in the Ford Blogger Lounge and got some weird looks at my “Blogger Badge”. We discussed this badge and if it would be looked down upon by the “traditional media and press”. My feeling is this:  Get the frick on board! Blog, tweet and be real time verses knocking me down for doing what I do. I’m not trying to take your job away; I’m doing mine and loving it.

Observation:  The Ford Blogger Lounge was very comfortable but not over the top and wasteful, just comfortable and classy.  Thanks Ford Motor Company because my feet hurt!

I can’t wait to write more about the Ford battery electric vehicle, share my interview in series (its long) with Sue. After my interview with her I so want to head to the Henry Ford Museum and see the Worlds ‘Largest GREEN roof!

P.S. Hanging out with Wendy Piersall and Scott Monty isn’t so bad…in case you were wondering!

photo credit: Wendy Piersall

Watch the Ford Motor Company Press Conference on January 11, 2009

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