As consumers we sometimes lose. We buy what is cheaper, what is convenient and what we have access to. Sometimes this means we settle and lose. This doesn’t have to be the case if we join forces and say, “No more!” Just because companies take the cheaper route to make more money doesn’t mean we have to accept it and have unhealthy food and packaging.  What’s one little mommy blogger or mommy to do?

I’m rolling my eyes at my own sentence.

Let me help make this simple for you, join The Consumer Union, a non-profit organization to fight for us consumers. It helps us take the guess work out of what to do.  You can choose what campaigns to support and advocate for. They give you information on what is being done, tracking of the issues, when new issues arrive and what you can do as a consumer. It’s refreshing to see it all organized and laid out. It gives me hope.

For me, I’m choosing Not in My Food to help petition and urge the FDA to do more to protect us consumers from pesticides in our food and deadly unsafe contamination. They work for greener choices, safer labels and tracking of where our food comes from.

Another campaign I’m all for is Not in my cart to help keep our kids toys safe. The campaign has already been successful in helping to pass safer toy regulations and maybe reducing toy recalls.  Proving that consumers do have a voice and can make a difference.

Why not? Great tips for free!

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