Sometimes I’m not the greenest person. I have times when I regress to my “old” ways; I get lazy or give into peer pressure. There are times I want to kick myself and I then live with regret and beat myself up for not buying the more expensive organic apple or letting my daughter paint her nails with the toxic stuff because it makes her feel pretty and I ran out of Piggy Paint.  I tell you this because I’m not on some pedestal  and my going green is a journey, the same as the next persons but I’m inspired, motivated and I do my best and sometimes my best isn’t the same each day.

Two examples of my not so recent Eco-friendly mommy moments:

1.  She makes my heart melt. My daughter had her dance recital and I must have missed the meeting where all the moms were instructed to cake on blue eye shadow, hot pink blush and red lipstick on the their three year olds.  I walked into the room and I was shocked and my daughter even at three knew she did not “fit in”. I put lip balm on her because that was all I had in my purse; I mean I hardly wear makeup, let alone toxic blue stuff on my face! Her pouty face, blue eyes looking at the other girls and telling me she wasn’t as pretty as they were broke my heart. I told her she was too pretty to cover her face with yucky stuff but her face told me how she did not believe me as  I watched her eyes admire the other little girls. Reluctantly, I borrowed some stuff from the pretty teens who had boxes and were happy to help me pollute my child and help her fit in and conform to society.  I don’t know if what I did was wrong or right but it made her smile and that night it did not kill her. On a side note: mom’s do you know what is in most make-up and why do they have to look so grown up for a little girl dance recital?

2.  Paper and Plastic. I write this in shame and sick to my stomach to admit this but I buy paper plates and plastic silverware, on occasion. When I have my house chalked full of relatives for the weekend I cave in and go the lazy route. I just simply cannot do dishes around the clock for all the mouths I feed! Well, I could but I would never enjoy doing anything else. I know, I know there are biodegradable options and I do opt for these when possible.

See I’m not perfect and though my gut twists and turns over not making the best decision at all times I know that there is tomorrow to do better and that doing something is better than nothing.  I highly recommend visiting the Green and Clean Mom Community for tips, ideas and a group full of people that are just trying their best each day to go green!

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