When you fly across country you should expect delays. You should anticipate that you might circle in the air above an airport because below you there is a raging thunderstorm that has closed an airport. You might end up in Wyoming to refuel a plane and sit on a runway next to a hayfield. Perhaps you’ll miss your connecting flight and then the rental car desk will close minutes before you arrive. You will be tired because traveling can be exhausting and there is usually crap food to eat on the plane but through it all you’ll eventually arrive at your destination and it will all work out!

Here’s what I’ve learned on my travels to the evo Conference in Utah:

1.  I really need a lighter suitcase that is not 10 years old! Perhaps I should consider selling at eBay Classifieds before I fly again!

2.   Utah is breathtaking and the driver on the way from the airport took the hills in the white conversion van like it was a race car – scary stuff!

3.  It is worth having a side kick you love to travel with and of course she mixes a mean cocktail on the airplane so that is an added plus!

4.  Comfortable shoes are more important than good looking ones OR at least my feet think so!

5.  All conferences should live stream like the evo Conference!

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