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My Twitter Pal, Paul Smith wanted to know if I was interested in a magazine that is progressive, focuses on sustainability and plants a tree for each new subscription…um yes!!!! You – my reader should know about magazines that aren’t just gossiping about the next pregnant Hollywood couple or divorce (not that I don’t like that stuff). Ode Magazine is certainly progressive and full of content that makes you feel like you used your time wisely and benefited from the subscription. I love that feeling.

The magazine covers all aspect of life that most women and men are interested in: business, news, alternative health, life, spirituality, inspiring ways to solve problems, and products that make a difference. Ode Magazine takes it’s readers to heart and even the blogosphere by featuring a guest blogger each month and a exchange section of their online site where their readers can comment and contribute. Passion and inspiration is something that Ode takes seriously.

What I love most about Ode Magazine is their divergent thinking. I love a magazine that is all about sustainability but then add social networking and I’m head over heals! Ode magazine has a  Social Action contest on the web where you can enter to change the web! What? Yes, create a way for people to get involved! Check it out and then follow them on Twitter @changetheweb

Okay, I’m still not done telling you how cool Ode Magazine is and I’m not being paid to tell you this, I really think it is cool. Shucks, even if I am paid I tell it like it is so that doesn’t matter but for real – the magazine has a few other things I want you to know about. They are printed on recycled paper and they offer a digital version so you don’t have to get your subscription in the mail. Take a look at the digital version of Ode Magazine, very neat! The magazine saved my twitter pals life, no joke read about it here AND because I love you and Ode loves you (in a lovey dovey mood today) you can get a special discount and save 60% off a subscription and get a free issue to try.

What are you waiting for? Get inspired and subscribe to Ode Magazine or grab it for friend – it could save your life too!

Why not? Great tips for free!

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