Christmas is here or at least it is almost here and I am not ready. The gifts are purchased but nothing is wrapped, organized or ready for Santa to put under the tree. I luckily got the tree up and everything decorated with plenty of time to enjoy and relish the twinkly lights and porcelain Santa’s. This time each year I get sad and miss those not in my life anymore, those that contributed to my good childhood memories of the holiday season.

Nana who insisted on decorating cookies each year, even when she was in a hospital bed!

Grandma Brown who kept a notebook of our favorite colors, sizes, likes dislikes and wishes. Her secret cupboard full of gifts that we all really knew existed and loved to sneak a peek and wonder what was ours.

Grandma G. who would always let us eat the treats and sweets and taught us about homemade gifts from the heart meaning everything, especially the handwritten holiday card and thank you.

I never had a Christmas morning that wasn’t rushed. We opened our gifts, got dressed and off we went to the different grandma’s for more gifts, holiday cheer and love. We wanted to stay home and play with our toys but we couldn’t’ wait to see each grandma and all of our aunts, uncles and cousins!

Now my only grandma left living spends her time in Florida during the cold winter. No rushing out the door in the morning, we’re able to sleep in (fat chance with two little kids), take our time opening gifts (yeah right) and let the kids stay in their P.J.’s playing with their new toys.

Bitter sweet because the kid in me misses rushing off to grandma’s house.

Photo Credit: Free Digital Photos

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