For two years now I’ve informed you of BlogHer and how I’m attending and who is sponsoring me and why I am going. I told you about BlogHer Washington D.C., then BlogHer Chicago and now I’m going to tell you all about BlogHer NYC. If you don’t know BlogHer is the largest women’s online community with only like 20 million page views per month and they bring together women from all walks of life with different blogs and interests. Once per year they have a big conference, which happens to be sold out right now! A conference that is full of networking, learning opportunities and professional growth and yes parties!

In all honestly, how can you bring 2,000 plus women together and not have a party! Especially in New York City…helloooooo! This year BlogHer is taking control of the parties that take place at the hotel to eliminate companies from just renting suits and giving stuff out. For real, this doesn’t work to help a company anyhow because it is just free stuff with no relationship building. I got a ton of “free stuff” last year and have I used it and then bought more of it…no! So think about that if you’re a company and decide to invest in the BlogHer official parties where you can a) build a relationship and talk with the bloggers b) have branding opportunities and coverage beyond just here is my stuff in suite 101 c) get the biggest bang for your buck for exposure where your company can be matched with the message you want to send. It isn’t just a number game but quality that is counting these days. Read 10 P.R. and marketing tips for BlogHer 2010 and you’ll see why “stuff” doesn’t just work for your brand or cause!

Speaking of BlogHer and parties my business partners and I are proud to say, we’re hosting the BlogHer official Green Party! Yahoo! If you try to RSVP it is full (350 right now) but we might increase this number so get onto the wait list! What will help us increase the number is if we get more sponsorship for the party! So if you feel your company would like to sponsor the official BlogHer green party contact me ASAP for the details! Talk about branding, opportunity, relationship building and doing it right!

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