Besides hurting my elbow and accidentally spilling wine on Once A Month Mom (Tricia) – I learned her blog isn’t just about that time of the month but about creating a menu once a month and cooking these meals in one day. I wonder if I could do this or if it is simply too much work and do I have a full day to cook and freeze meals. I could start with doing this for an entire week and then build up from there or I could just dive right in and try making healthy home cooked meals for my family to eat every day of the week. A time saver after working all day or traveling and I know everyone has quality food without preservatives and added stuff!

After talking with this inspirational mommy of two babies I’ve learned that she has sample meal plans, the best of 2009 meal plans and that I should really consider doing this with someone – like a pal or my family. Which makes me think having a friend over once a month to chat, cook and make healthy meals for our families together would be a great idea and maybe even therapeutic.

Have you tried this and if so what was your experience and do you recommend it? What pointers do you have if you’ve done this once a month meal planning and cooking?

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