“ONE is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do….. ” Remember that song? That’s what I sing after I get out of the shower and use this product. I’m serious, that was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the product. For those of you that are wondering what the heck I am talking about, One is a bath and body product that I was able to review.

I was sent three different products to try ( I was not compensated in any way by One). I was able to try their natural massage bar, their body butter, and lotion. The packaging is absolutely adorable and Eco-friendly. Both the body butter and massage bar came in a recyclable tin, encased in a cardboard box. The lotion was in a cute tube made of tin; it reminded me of the old days. The entire packaging is recyclable.

All of the products smelled great and One endorses their products as 100% good for the environment. I loved the lotion, it smelled good and felt good on my body. I tried both the body butter and massage bar and didn’t care for them. The massage bar felt like I was smearing fancy petroleum jelly on my body and the body butter was jut the opposite; it was hard to manipulate and arid to the touch. One has other products that I have not tried and might have liked better.

I also did not like the fact that the products are made in China and the website isn’t very informative. I do think this product has potential as well as the environment and their consumers in mind. Hopefully with some tweaking they will be a successful Eco-friendly business.

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