I ran to the store and wanted to buy toxic, chemical products because that’s what I’m used to doing. It’s hard to break the cycle and a bad habit! We took a little family vacation with a trip to the zoo (more on that later) and to a museum (more on this, too) AND a family wedding. It was a busy for days but it got crazy when I came home to pick up my puppy from the dog sitter, only to discover he had fleas. Yes, scratch your head because I still am. This is what sent me running to Wally World for flea products, the toxic ones.

Fleas are gross and they lay eggs like crazy. One flea can lay 60 eggs each day and when you find one, count on 30 more somewhere in your home. Gross. Did I tell you how gross they are? We only found two on Rex and he was home for maybe 10 minutes when I discovered them. Thank goodness I had the idea to check but having two St. Bernards in the past I knew that when a dog comes home from a kennel, dog sitter, groomer or any place with other dogs, check for fleas.

I discovered, however, that there are alternatives and lucky for me and Rex, Wal-Mart sold them! Nature’s Guardian saved my life…okay dramatic, I know but that’s how it felt. They have a whole line of products that aren’t toxic and help prevent animals from getting fleas and helps rid the home of fleas, if an infestation happens. I used the dog flea and tick spray on Rex and also the squeeze on product to kill any fleas for up to 30 days. The price was slightly higher but I felt safe knowing I was using a safe product for Rex. I have to admit, I wondered if it would work and thought about buying the toxic stand by, just in case. It worked, phew! The peppermnit oil, cinnamon oil, lemongrass oil and clove oil actually made Rex smell good too! Proof that essentail oils are powerful and effective because they worked for my flea issue.

After this little situation, I did some research and found out some other ways to effectively get rid of fleas. Vaccuming and washing dog bedding is very helpful. This has to be done almost daily if there is an outbreak. One source of good information is Dog Breed Info, I found it very helpful and informative. If fleas are a constant problem or you are predicting your furry friend might get them you can also shop online at Only Natural Pet Store for a wide variety of natural solutions.

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