Dreamy Orange Dip



What You Need:


1 (4 oz.) container fat free cream cheese, softened

1 (6 oz) container fat free orange flavored yogurt

2 TBSP powdered sugar

1 TBSP frozen orange concentrate

1/4tsp. Vanilla extract

1/2C fat free whip topping, thawed

Fresh strawberries

How to Make It:


Place the softened cream cheese in a large mixing bow.

Use an electric on low speed and beat the cream cheese until smooth.

Add the yogurt, powdered sugar and orange concentrate.

Beat 1 minute on low speed until mixture is smooth once again.

Pour in the vanilla and stir to incorporate.

Use a rubber spatula and mix in the thawed whip topping until completely combined.

Serve with the fresh strawberries.

8 Servings

This dip can be covered and refrigerated up to 24 hours.  Light and fluffy this dip works well with any type of fruit or can be spread on graham crackers as well. I like to leave out the sugar if possible and use the cream cheese, whip topping and yogurt!


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