Ever since we found out about my daughters allergies and asthma symptoms we have been conscious of her surroundings and what we put into it. We purchased three air purifiers and the rainbow vacuum which is suppose to both clean your floors and purify the air. But then I was approached to review a Ionic air purifier for a refrigerator, from Oransi and it got me thinking, what’s the difference? Do you know the difference?

I am no scientist but this is what I gathered from other helpful sites. Basically, ionic purifiers and air purifiers serve the same purpose, to purify the air. Air purifiers clean the air through a mechanical process, while air ionizers use electricity to trap harmful particles in the air. Your typical air purifier has a filter or ultraviolet light that is used to scrub the air. Ionizer purifiers use negatively charged ions that have lost an electron. That negative ion is then attracted to positively charges particles, aka dust and allergens. After enough negatively charged ions cling to a particle, that particle also can become negatively charged and will stick to any positively charged surface, such as the floor or other surface. After they fall out of the air, the dust and allergens are not at risk of being inhaled and can be more easily cleaned up. There has been some debate on whether these products are safe since they produce ozone and ozone can be harmful in large quantities. Federal regulation has been set at a maximum level of 50 parts per billion so if you find something less then that it should be more then safe

I was given the opportunity to try the Oransi Ionic fridge air purifier which seems to have a lot of environmentally safe features. According to the company the purifier has received safety certifications from GS and CE as well as the RoHS lead free directive. The purifier was tested for ozone and found to be 78% below FDA limits. Another great thing about the product is it’s money saving benefit. The purifier has no replacement filter, is small and compact, there is nothing to clean and it takes 2 AA batteries to operate, which you can use reusable batteries. The purifier has built in controls that cycle on and off to save the battery life. It costs about $1 a month to operate and keeps your produce fresher longer. I haven’t been able to keep produce in my fridge long enough to test this theory but it did help neutralize the air in my fridge. My husband smokes his own food and that stench can stick in the fridge for days, but this product helped.

The description of the product is a fridge purifier but I thought I would try it out in my husbands bathroom since the package has pictures of the product in other rooms. I turned the purifier on and it instantly gave out a refreshing smell. I think I will be using the purifier for more then just the fridge.

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