I’ve admitted that I have a minor obsession with eye wear. This means that the bank is broken or would be broken if I bought each and every pair that I drool over. The cost of frames plus the cost of the prescription can really add up!

Recently I was given the opportunity to review a pair of prescription glasses from Select Specs and of course I said yes. I had a tough time putting in the coupon code they gave me but the PR team came to my rescue. I think it was a browser issue on my end but I cannot be sure.

After waiting a few weeks for my glasses (which is longer than I usually have to wait when I order locally) I jumped for joy when they arrived. I had to go to the post office to pick them up because they were shipped from Hong Kong. This was not something I was expecting but now that I review the site more carefully I notice they ship worldwide and the costs are very low in comparison to buying locally or form other online competitors.

Overall, what are my thoughts about ordering from Select Specs?

  • I like my glasses that I picked out and I was able to add my prescription and choose the pair that fit me based on my other glasses and their dimensions. The site currently does not allow you to virtually try on the glasses so I took my favorite pair of glasses and used the numbers on the inside arm of the glasses to determine what would fit me best.
  • I have to have them adjusted locally, which is easy to do and I’ve had to do with others that I order online. Not a big deal.
  • The costs are very reasonable and if you don’t mind waiting for a product to ship from Hong Kong and you like to have a lot of different eye glasses to choose from based on your mood, color pallet for the day and season, this could be the option for you. I am not sure about returning them to Hong Kong, this could be an issue?
  • I like the large selection to choose from.
  • The ordering was easy, until I had issues with the promotion code they gave me. Other than this they take PayPal and I really like this.
  • Your prescription is stored in your account for easy ordering.

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