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I’m out of the baby food stage, so to speak. My sister just had a baby girl and so even though I’m not buying the food, I’m giving her advice on what to buy. I recently posted about Gerber and BPA and that has me concerned for my baby niece.  All babies really. When you buy baby food it is just convenient and we cannot deny this.  Shoot, I did it! So if you opt to not make your own baby food (kudos if you do) or at least not 100% of the time there has to be safer, healthier options. I mentioned a few alternatives when I wrote about Gerber and BPA but I’ve also been on the look out and doing some more research and reading. 

 I want to draw your attention to a great company, Yummy Spoonfuls . A company that doesn’t use BPA plastic to store their food, even if the FDA says its “safe”.


Yummy Spoonfuls Baby Food is 100 % USDA Certified Organic, made from naturally good ingredients grown without chemical pesticides, nitrates, growth hormones or other unwanted extras and produced without artificial additives or processing chemicals. Our foods are not heat-treated like ALL OTHER commercial baby foods (including organic), so ours come packed full of nutrients.

They have products for three different stages and a neat little chart to help you figure it all out.  There in a variety of stores but they also offer home delivery so if you live in the sticks, like I do, you can still have organic, safe and yummy baby food for your green sprout!  Yummy Spoonfuls also offers taste-testing parties for the kiddos and moms to try the stuff. It’s no risk and you can get all your pals together and find out what your babies like or dislike. Perfect for a playgroup!  I just love this concept because all too often you buy something and your child won’t eat it and then what? 

I have some great news; Yummy Spoonfuls has generously offered to give one lucky G&CM reader a chance to win $24 worth of Yummy Spoonfuls Organic Baby Food. Who doesn’t love free baby food and the fact that it’s yummy and healthy, a plus! 

In honor of the G&CM launch, which is winding down, I am asking for your help to really launch my site!  What I need you to do to qualify to win is:   stumble, dig, kirtsy, post or link to my site! How easy is that? If you have no idea what any of this is, visit my Posh Mama article or just leave me a comment and tell me what flavors you’d like to try for you wee one!  For every single thing you do, you get a entry. Just leave them in separate comments below telling me what you’ve done. I will use and on Sunday, July 20th to draw one winner. Must be a U.S. citizen for this giveaway. Folks, this is a launch and organic baby food I’m talking about! Launch me to moon and win your chubby wobbly some good eats!

Congrats to Kathy, comment number 74!

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