It feels remarkably good to get back to hitting the pavement and smelling the fresh air.  My mind and body so needs to get back to eating healthy (no excuses for why I went off the rails) and exercising. I’ve been sedentary for too long and it’s impacting my health. My DeskCycle has been helpful for those rainy office days but now I’m happy that the birds are chirping, the snow has melted and I can safely walk the roads and enjoy the natural terrain.  I’m excited that my new Fit Bit band is on the way. A gift to myself and I cannot wait to share with you my thoughts. Do you have one?

Organic Cotton Yoga Capris for Working OutI’m also excited to share with you a new line of Eco-friendly and certified organic and very comfortable (I mean super, duper soft!) yoga, pilates and fitness clothing from SteelCore and available at Rodale’s online.  Since I’ve been making a huge effort to work out daily this week (I am so sore!) and get into the groove again, I’m digging not just how my new no front seam capris look but most importantly how they feel. There is nothing worse than working out and tugging your pants because they’re riding up or twisting as you move. Ugh I hate that, it ruins my working out mojo! These new capris let me take my walks, do my stretching, weights and planks without any discomfort. Did I mention to you how SOFT they are? I might want a pair for bed.

Organic Cotton Active wear by SteelCore
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In addition to the super comfy capris, I’ve been sporting pre-shrunk, certified organic cotton, made in the USA, T-back tank. Its super cute and flattering but it will more flattering in a few months when I tone up and shed some weight. Regardless, I’m striving to love my body and I like how the neck is scooped but not too low. I’m not a cleavage kind of gal. Just like the capris the T-back tank from SteelCore stays put and because it is pre-shrunk I could wash and dry it without thinking I gained weight the next time I put it on. I hate when I something shrinks and I wonder if I ate too much!

I’m glad I had the opportunity to try the SteelCore items that Rodale’s sent me to review and share with you. I’m always looking for stylish, comfortable (a must) and Eco-friendly workout wear to share with my readers and for myself. Like I said, I might be stocking up on the capris for bedtime or anytime!  Check them out online and give them a whirl, I promise you won’t be disappointed. You’ll thank me and remember you’re buying USA made items that are certified organic so yes, you’ll pay more but it is worth it.

Don’t forget they’re very soft and comfy.

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