Bathing my children, it’s a nightly routine. It’s calming for the children and for me, I like to have the children smelling clean. Sorry, I just do. I always took a bath nightly and so do my children. They bath together and we don’t use very much water, so were conserving. Using a non-toxic, gentle and organic product to clean my children with, it’s important. It goes on their skin and thus into their blood stream. I really try to limit exposure to toxins and chemicals. There’s just to much unknown out there in regards to chemicals. The Environmental Working Group and the body burden test is a great example and if you’ve ever seen The Toxic Brew, you know what I mean. We just don’t know about all these concoctions of chemicals and what they are doing to us or our children. It’s scary and I’m not screaming boo either, it’s serious and not a Halloween joke.

Recently, I was invited to be a guest speaker for a Green Living Class at a local community college and I couldn’t help but explain how I think of the environment as more than just the grass and the trees. It begins with my home environment. The EPA says we spend 90% of our time indoors and the air pollution that we suffer is great indoors than out. What I use in my home environment impacts the “whole” environment but I start with what I see, breath, touch and smell and work my way outwards.

My tangent has a point but let’s get back to bathing my children! When you wash your children, put lotions or creams on them, it’s so important to know what you’re putting on them. It’s their personal environment, their body. They smell what you put on them, it soaks into their skin and then washes down the drain and the effect of the “bad” stuff continues to swirl down the eco-system and wreak havoc. Now do you understand my tangent? I give some solutions and details over at Busy Mommy on making your own products and highly suggest you check that article out. For some, making your own products just isn’t something they want to do or have the time for. I’m kinda busy so I don’t really want to whip up my own stuff, that’s just me.

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I’m continually working, however, on the personal care products and moving towards the organic products for myself and my family. Going green and non-toxic aren’t always the same, as The Smart Mama, has pointed out to me. Regardless, I’m trying and besides the wasteful Styrofoam packaging that safely protected the products during their shipping adventure to me (which are hopefully just being recycled), I love the products and the smell. The line I have been happily sampling is called, Lafes. A USDA certified Organic seal is on all the bottles and it is clearly states that the bottles are BPA free. The company is really priding itself on the fact the plastic is certified baby-safe plastic with no BPA, no phthalates, and estrogenic activity (EA) free.

I have to say my son loves, loves, loves the smell of the organic baby wash and shampoo. Every night he tells me, “You have to smell this mom!” I smile as he pushes the foam into my nose. I’ve only smelled it every night for a month now and yes, it sure does smell wonderful. The baby oil has been great for my daughter who lately seems to be developing the driest skin. I also love this for myself and after I shave!

Speaking of shaving and intimate parts…Lafes sells an organic intimate line. Wink. Wink. I didn’t exactly get to “review” this line because I guess the mom part of my site came before the sexy part but I’m thinking that it might make a great stocking stuffer or Valentines gift. What I love best is that the “romantic” line is organic and doesn’t have all this chemical smelly stuff that just irritates and causes problems down under. Seriously folks, I’m a mom and I’ve had to have done something to have had my children, so I know what I’m talking about! He! He! He! I won’t repeat all the details this company gives on the increasing blood flow and stimulation but I will tell you that the “romantic” line does NOT have the chemical L-Argine in it. So if you’re looking for an organic chemical free line to spruce up your bedroom life, I say Lafes (not that I’ve tried it).

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Yes, Green and Clean Mom can only verify that the baby oil, bath, bug spray (smells delightful) are great products. Read more about the company’s missions, beliefs and how they began and if organic body products with a USDA seal bottled in BPA Free plastic means something to you, these products are worth the green, in my opinion. I’m enjoying the products (bath and bug only), like that the products have the organic seal of approval and I’m not wondering about the word natural and questioning the integrity of the ingredients because of green washing. Wash your baby toxic free and feel better about it with Lafes and after bath and bed, enjoy the romantic line and let me know if it works!!!

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