organic tampons seventh generationOk, this subject is usually taboo but I’m going to go out on a limb and discuss the subject of “Tampons”.  I am not a fickle person; I stick to regularity and consistency as much as possible. I don’t stray far from my regular food choices, hair styles, clothing, and yes, “Tampons”.  I am a fan of Always- plastic applicator, regular flow, scent free, tampons.  I decided to help my sister out and review organic cotton, chlorine free tampon, from Seventh Generation.  I forced myself to do this by not purchasing any tampons; when little red riding hood arrived I had no choice but to use Seventh Generation’s product.  I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked the product.  I liked the fact that even though it was not a plastic applicator it still had the rounded tip.  The tampon was comfortable and easy to use; I also liked the fact that it was organic, chlorine free, and that 10% of profits are sent to organizations working for a positive change.  I am a creature of habit that is slowly changing to a shade of green.

Editors Note:  This is a post written by Green and Clean Mom’s sister, Haley Rummer. Find out more about the contributing authors here.

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