100_5006Chicago is such a fun city that I wish I would have spent more time after or before BlogHer 09′ seeing more of the city and people. My biggest regret and something I’ll be sure to make more time for when it comes to the Big Apple!  After the conference ended I decided to spend time with my two contributors and see more of the city, visit a few stores and eat some Chicago style pizza. I couldn’t wait to hit the town and immediately we decided to take a taxi because our time was limited. When I spotted a white Ford Flex as a taxi I knew we had to take this cab for a ride – nothing could be better! After experiencing my first cab ride on Thursday night and it being close to a horror flick when Jennifer of The Smart Mama showed us her tattoo and the driver almost threw us out for religious convictions, then did not put his meter on and would not give me a receipt – riding in a clean Ford Flex could not be so bad.

Our short trip to Macy’s turned into a joy ride with a great driver who we named, “JJ”! He was so excited to be on camera that he even  put on his special “interview hat”. He asked if we were from NBC, it was so sweet! This very nice driver owned this Ford Flex and turned it into a cab that was clean and vacuumed. He even had sparkly butterflies hanging from the visor!  This is a great commercial for Ford because it’s real life and so is the cab driver! He told us that he gets more business because he has a Ford Flex and that it gets good gas mileage and it is comfortable. Watch our fun cab ride with “JJ” and his Ford Flex!

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