What is the purpose of a car seat/booster seat? Aren’t they designed to provide the utmost safety and protection for our children? I know they are designed specifically to keep kids safe in the event of a crash but children are placed in a car seat from 3 days old until approximately 7-8 years of age. Children spent a incalculable amount of time in a car seat and should not only be safe from the potential exterior hazardous of the road but the hazardous of the car seat itself.
The Ecology Center, a nonprofit, tested over 150 infant, convertible and booster car seats and found that while some are virtually free of the most dangerous chemicals, others are saturated. To sample the car seats they used a portable X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) device, which identifies the elemental composition of any material in less than 60 seconds.

On Wednesday, August 3 the nonprofit Ecology Center will be releasing its fourth report on toxic chemicals in children’s car seats at www.healthystuff.org. Research shows that many of these products are made with dangerous chemicals that can lead to serious health risks for children.
The consumer-friendly site – which also has comprehensive data on toxic chemicals in toys, cars, home improvement products and more – will allow users to look up which car seats rank the best and worst in terms of toxic chemical content. Anyone looking to buy a new car seat, or wondering if their child’s current car seat is safe, can visit this site and search by model, or comparison shop between different models or years.

Thanks Ecology Center for keeping our kids safe and parents informed.

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