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As much as I LOVE to travel, it gives me anxiety. I am a planner and like to be prepared. I was a Girl Scout! I am always thinking of what I might need. I search Pinterest for traveling hacks, watch YouTube videos on how-to pack and read articles on what to pack for my destination. I spend months doing this before a trip.

Surprisingly, I am not an “over-packer” but rather a planned packer. I am comfortable with a carry-on and backpack for a long weekend or even a week. I just lose sleep on planning what to take so it all fits. To successfully pack for a trip, not forget anything and quell my anxiety, I have created a travel planner. It includes a checklist of items, details of my trip including flight numbers and times, hotel information and even planned activities that have reservations (dinner, shows, tours, etc.). This handy little travel planner has so many uses.

Free Downloadable Travel Planner

  • I use it for packing.
  • I take a photograph of my list for insurance claims if my luggage is lost and pic of my luggage items.
  • I keep a copy of the travel information and reservations in my purse. You never know when your phone will lose power.
  • I leave a copy with a loved one or friend so they know where I am.
  • I use it to track my travel adventures and make notes of places I want to go back to or travel bucket list items.
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As I embark on my journey to Germany and Ireland with my sisters and dad (follow the journey on IG), I am so thankful for this handy travel planner. If you think it will help you with your adventures, feel free to download it today. I love sharing my tips and tricks with you. I’d love for you to share your travel advice! Just leave me a comment below. The more the merrier!

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