Moms need a break and a little time to be pampered, right? Mother’s day is coming up and frankly, I’d love a spa treatment. The problem being it costs a fortune, the products aren’t natural or organic and I asked for a clothesline! Lucky me, I have my very own spa in my bathroom right now! Shea Terra Organics offers natural body and skin care products that utilize healing African oils, botanical and butters for nearly a decade! I just turn on my shower and wahla, I have my own spa. When I first decided to give these products a try, I was reluctant. I’ve been trying to go more “green” with personal care products but many of the lotions and potions are kind of smelly. I have one lotion that my hubby calls the “sex repellent”! I wear this everyday now…just kidding! The very first time I put on my Miombo Mango body lotion I think my hubby came sniffing around the corner winking at me. It smells that good!!! Apparently my natural body odor and other natural products don’t give off such a good aroma. The smell is a just a bonus, the lotion is 20% Shea butter but happens to be wonderful for rashes, eczema, and stretch marks.

After trying the lotion I couldn’t wait to give all of the other products a try so quickly door was shut and the shower turned on. The hubby just had to deal with the kids because Mom had some products to review and needed a spa treatment! Unfortunately, I wasn’t so “green” when it came to my water conservation but I promise to make up for it or at least try. I tried Lavender of the Khoisan shower elixir, made of indigenous silk and Shea butter. Let me just tell you that not all Shea butter is created equal or use fair trade and not all silk is cruelty free. I did my research with this one and many companies don’t use fair trade and they raise the price considerably! With Shea Terra Organics, you know you’re getting the best and the silk is cruelty free. I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and it is not drying, my son requests it because it smells so nice. I had a nasty paper cut when I gave the Pink Guava Pomegranate indigenous Shea butter Dead Sea salt scrub. It hurt bad, I would have really liked one of those Pomegranate cocktails Oprah makes to make it feel better. So I waited to try this product until I was free of cuts and what I love, beside the blissful smell, would be that it wasn’t greasy. I’ve used tons of these scrubs and they feel greasy like I’m wearing baby oil. My skin felt very smooth after scrubbing down with. A great treatment for those rough and dry spots but the spa treatment didn’t end there…I have to tell you about my favorite product still!

African Lemongrass black soap elixir that also is made with 10% Shea butter and pure black soap for a clear complexion. BLACK SOAP? That’s what I thought when I read the bottle and poured the soap onto my hand. It is black like the night and I wasn’t so sure I wanted to put it on my face. I’m open minded though and black soap has been used for ages in Africa to solve all sorts of skin problems. This now happens to be my favorite product. I love, love, love this stuff. My face feels so tight and smooth. It is completely non-drying and I had some ugly spots that are smooth and clear. A Green & Clean Mom thumbs up! What is black soap you might wonder? It’s actually paw paw fruit, plantain leave, cocoa pods, coconut and herbs and its burned into an ash where oils of palm, sesame, coconut and Shea butter are added. This is the process that makes the soap naturally black.

The last two products I’ve been giving a whirl is the Bourbon Vanilla Shea butter that’s made from 40% Shea butter and the Shea Nilotica. I use these every night for the rough spots like the knees, feet and hands. Great for right before bed and my nail cuticles look so nice and they’re all healed from the rough dry winter air. I have so much more to tell you about Shea Terra Organics and can’t wait to introduce you to the woman behind the products in my next post. A woman who cares so much she formulates 100% of the products herself and contributes a portion of all her sales to a number of self-empowerment projects throughout Africa, and has created her own Ethiopian Goat Project. A woman with 11 kids should need every penny she can get to feed and cloth them but she’s the most giving and kind hearted person I’ve spoken with. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss meeting her or the giveaway!!!

Oh, and I personally ordered there sets for mother’s day gifts (shhhhh) because I like these products so much AND Shea Terra Organics is committed to ecologically responsible production, with all its products made by hand to off-set carbon waste. Product packaging is recyclable. Packing materials are made from recycled paper and pulp. Promotional material is printed on recycled paper with soy ink. Yeah!!!

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