I am just returning from the evo 2011 Conference and have a lot on my mind. From blogging, networking, search engine optimization, media training to email marketing – my head is going to explode with all of the great information I have received. The conference was a great opportunity for me to network and get the word out there about my new book, My Mommy is a Blogger. I was nervous to see what others in the community thought but luckily – the response has been great!

One thing the children’s book touches on is how bloggers work with brands. I write about paying bloggers, how I make an income as a paid blogger and the difference between a blog review and a marketing campaign over here.  Writing about brands paying bloggers and bloggers being authentic over here is spurred by a resent session presentation at the evo Conference in Utah where a brand representative presented a slide presentation saying that that bloggers should not be expected to be paid and then proceeded to point out a successful  campaign where bloggers were not paid and how much money the brand made. I do not believe the brand representative spoke to the true essence of the company or their marketing practices – I think it was a mistake and not very well planned, thought out, reviewed and communicated by one person. Luckily the brand cleared it up on Twitter and welcomed the conversation on their policies.

This conversation on brands paying bloggers has weighed heavily on my mind since the evo 2011 Conference and I hope you take the time to jump over here, read and comment. I’d love to see what you have to say!

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