In August, I read a article in, Parade, about paying for your trash. Paying for the disposal of trash varies. Some cities charge per bag, can, sticker or it is included in city taxes. To be honest, I don’t pay (directly) for my trash disposal. My husband takes our trash to our company dumpster. I pay indirectly but I’ve never actually considered reducing my waste because I will be billed more. I probably would be very careful about what I put into the garbage, if that was the case. Which makes me believe, maybe it should be for everyone. It would encourage more recycling, reusing and hopefully composting or less waste and consumption, period.  This does not mean I’m frivolousness but we do fill our trash can regularly and I’ve never really kept track. Some weeks its more then others and we always recycle. Regardless, I’d pay closer attention, wouldn’t you?

To play devils advocate, I wonder with the economy being so tough if this would lead to trash dumping along roads and highways? I wonder if people would be able to pay their trash bill when some people might not be able to afford their heat this winter.  I think of my close friend who runs a childcare center, I’m sure she couldn’t reduce her waste too much and thus she’d be billed extra. She’s always using more than one can with a bag or two extra sitting next to the curb. How would this impact her? If private residents are billed, would businesses also be impacted?

I think it’s a great topic for discussion. There’s no doubt that if you make garbage you should pay for it. How much and what is the limit, that’s the debate. EnviroMom has a neat ongoing challenge for families to reduce their garbage waste to one can per month. If  weekly you put a garbage can out for pick-up, reduce this to once per month with the same can. Can you imagine what would happen if every family did this? We would be reducing our landfill waste dramatically, increasing the recycling and reusing and hopefully reducing the junk we buy.  A challenge I need to consider and actively take part in, how about you?

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